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Super Boosters is an organization that is formed to support associated clubs, sports teams, or organizations. Super Boosters can support this through raising funds or coordinating events and selling branded merchandise. The main purpose of Super Boosters is to develop, support and raise funds for the student programs. Super Boosters was formed to help enhance programs that may have shrinking budgets.

Why Super Boosters

Public investment in K-12 schools crucial for communities to thrive and the U.S. economy to offer broad opportunity has declined dramatically in a number of states over the last decade.  Worse, some of the deepest-cutting states have also cut income tax rates, weakening their main revenue source for supporting schools.

Most states cut school funding after the recession hit, and it took years for states to restore their funding to pre-recession levels.  In 2015, the latest year for which comprehensive spending data are available from the U.S. Census Bureau, 29 states were still providing less total school funding per student than they were in 2008. 

Lets Do It!

Join Super Boosters today and start raising money for your school program or charity. Super Boosters will design a custom store collection of merchandise. Your store collection will have clothes, shoes and school supplies for sale. Every purchase sold your organization will get up to 30% to 40% to support your fundraising cause.  Super Boosters is also able to find sponsors and investors for your organization. Super Booster can also design a custom webpage requesting donations for your fundraising.  

Fundraising Ideas for Schools, Churches & Sports Teams

Fundraising Tips by: Angie Tonini-Rogers

Video published on Youtube Jun 18, 2014

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