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Supper Boosters

Clubs, Sports teams, Churches and Charities hold the power to making a difference in people lives. Sometimes extra fundraising help is needed to support these initiatives, which creates a great opportunity to begin or participate in fundraising. Super Boosters fundraising can be an great experience for everyone. Your organization is a part of a bigger picture, where they’re serving the needs of the students and the administration, teachers, coaches and members behind the scenes. 

Supper Boosters goals is to create a platform to raise endless amounts of funds ether by Sponsors, Investors or buy Selling customized merchandise with your organization branding. Super Boosters will find sponsors and investors for your organization for only 20% commission. Super Boosters will also design a custom store for your organization with clothes, shoes , school supplies and lots more.  Super Boosters will give back 30% up to 40% of sales to your organization.  

If you are interested in joining please contact us so we can send you the registration form agreement. 

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If your organization is interested in joining Super Boosters. Please contact us to get more information.

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